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3 DOT Productions is an innovative entertainment, events planning, marketing and promotions company.  

3 DOT Productions began hosting special events in 2001 in an effort to bring a high level of quality events to the population of Atlanta and surrounding major cities!  Since 2001, the company has grown to become one of the most highly recognized entertainment companies in the nation with successful events hosted in such major cities as NYC, Detroit, Los Angeles and Atlanta!

Why 3 DOT?
The company was formed by three individuals that shared common goals to bring quality nightlife entertainment. 
Vision: Deliver quality nightlife entertainment and special events.
Interests: Bring in DJs world wide diverse in style. Regardless if known or unknown we make certain our djs have what it takes to move the crowd. Also, we wish to provide a different atmosphere at each venue we encounter. We plan to bring a different flavor to the club/warehouse/bar on the night of our events.
History: We have worked with other production groups, clubs and artists from around the world. The list is long of venues that we have worked with, as well as,  look forward to working with soon: Compound, Sutra Lounge, The Luxe, The Loft, Cherry, Frequency, The Atrium, Formosa, The Mark, Club Riviera, Vinyl, Masquerade, Studio Central, Club Deux Plex, Euphoria, Paradox, Crescent Room, Good Life Lounge, Times Square Detroit, The Vig Bar in NYC and the list goes on!
A picture speaks a thousand words...
- To view photos from events we have hosted between June 2001 to June 2005, please click here.
- To view photos from events we have hosted between April 2005 to current, please click here.

Thanks: We would like to say thanks to all the people that make the scene what it is today and those that continue to support all our events!

PS. We'll be updating this section soon, to provide you with more info on our history, the team and future plans!








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