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Hundreds came to compete, thousands came to witness, and now you can too! Join the b-boys, b-girls, djs and mcs representing skills from across the nation converging upon the southeast for BREAKLANTA III! Checkout the battle highlights and finals from this special two day hip-hop event, packed into one explosive DVD! We had 3 cameras covering the entire event and have put together the best footage for you to relive and remember this massive event! If you want to know what to expect for BREAKLANTA 6, coming February 4th&5th 2005, this video is a must have for any turntablists, b-boy, b-girl, or mc!

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Price: $25
Run Time: 90 minutes
Battle Highlights & Finals: MC, DJ, B-Girl, Poppin', and Crew
Featured Competitors: Unique Styles, Motion Disorderz, Ground FX Crew, Loki, Vendetta,
                                    Dj Mista Lord, Dj Swanmellow, and much more!
Special Guests: Professor Griff (Public Enemy), Speedy Legs (Hip-Hop Elements),
                          Boy (Havikoro), Aqua Boogy (Boogie Squad), and more!

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The BREAKLANTA'03 DVD and BREAKLANTA II Video is now available at these fine locations:
  Earwax Records
  565 Spring St, Suite 200, 
  Atlanta, GA 30308
  P: (404) 875-5600


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