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Thank you for your interest in the BREAKLANTA IV DVD! Soon we will release 1 DVD including highlights from all the battles: B-Boy Crew, B-Girl, DJ, MC, and Poppin'! We had 4 cameras covering the entire event and in the process of putting together the best footage for you to relive and remember this massive event! Some of the competitors featured on this DVD will include Masters of Mayhem, Burn Unit, Main Ingreedyantz, Traylor Pawk Tactix, SOS, Jade of Motion Disorderz, and much much more! If you want to prepare yourself for BREAKLANTA 5 in February of 2004, this video is a must have for any turntablist, b-boy, b-girl, or mc!

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The BREAKLANTA'03 DVD from January/February 2003 is available to order online by clicking here!

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