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 :: a master behind the decks ::

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In the fall of 1987, Scott discovered the underground dance music scene that thrived in Gainesville at that time, and began buying records. Not long after, he began spinning primarily industrial and new wave records just as a hobby. He moved to Orlando in 1991 and witnessed the explosion of the techno underground at clubs like Ahhz and the Edge. His style has always been on the uplifting side, whether it's house, trance, or breaks.

Scott has been in the Northwest Florida dance music scene for 4 years since moving down from the Virginia/D.C. area back in 1996. He has played at events in the Southeast and Texas, as well as select club dates throughout Florida. DJing comes second only to Producing and Remixing which Scott started doing in early 1990. Citing influences such as The Art of Noise, Daniel Miller, and Flood, Scott started producing electronic music of an ambient/industrial nature before finding his niche in the many genres of house music in the mid 90's.
Real Name:  Scott Magno
Age: 32
Location:  Pensacola, FL
Type of Music:  French House and Funky Breaks
Spinning Since: 1990 (12 years)
Affiliations: 3 DOT and DREAM                                             


What influences you most: Anything with soul, whether it's music, life, or love.


DJ Equipment:  Vestax PDX-2000 turntables, Vestax PMC05-pro mixer, Pioneer DJM-500 mixer, Mackie PPM-408M powered mixer, Yamaha S12e cabinets.  Stanton DJ PRO2000 headphones, Stanton Groovemaster II RM pro cartidges.


How did you get involved with DJing:  I used to make "pause-button" mixtapes until I got my turntables in 1984. I started out spinning hip-hop/break beats so our b-boy crew could dance. My first record was "Beat-Box" by the Art of Noise. I still have a copy of "Tour De France".


Feelings from the crowd:  Nothing else gives me a high like a good crowd feeling my music.


What you like people to get from music: Inspired in the most positive way. 


When your not spinning: I play with my band, MAGNO. I run samples, sequencing, write lyrics, and play keys. 


Who/what inspires you:  When I'm creating music, I draw inspiration from my surroundings and recent events.  I try to inhibit emotion and energy.  When I spin, like most, I go for the "journey", whether it's a deep funky groove or an uplifting energy driven throwdown.


Feelings on fans in Atlanta:  Super knowledgeable and super into it, about the music. Beautiful people everywhere.


What music do you listen to at home:  Mostly British Indie Rock (like Chalatans), Abstract Hip-Hop, and a lot of old disco/rare soul.


Dream gigs: An intimate gathering with all the artists in the industry somewhere in the South Pacific.


CD: Anything from Basement Jaxx. 


Movie: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


Club:  The now closed Groovejet South Beach Miami, FL.












  State to State

 :: Performances ::

June 2002 at Nitetown
Destin, FL


March 2002 at Atrium
Atlanta, GA


Guest spots at:
Lava, Velvet Room, Bedlam...

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