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 :: A Goddess Behind the Wheels of Steel ::

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DJ Orchid is one of the fastest rising female DJ's in the nation.  Playing with some of the best, her dynamic sets of breaks and trance has rocked many dance floors at parties and clubs from coast to coast.   Orchidís unique style of mixing hi-energy, uplifting trance and wicked breaks keeps everyone guessing and wanting more.  She is truly amazing behind the tables and has been labeled by many as ďA GODDESS BEHIND THE WHEELS OF STEEL.Ē

Real Name:  Misty B.
DJ Name: Orchid
Age: 24
Location:  Savannah, GA
Type of Music:  Trance and Breaks
Spinning Since: Summer 2000 
Affiliations: 3 DOT and Klymactik Entertainment                                 


What influences you most: The DJ's that keep this music scene alive, the legit promoters who know how to throw good parties, the people who love me and my fans, especially in Atlanta, influence me.


DJ Equipment:  Technics MK3D tables, Technics headphones, Gemini PMX 140 mixer, Sharp amplifier, Philips dual deck CD burner, Rampage speakers, and a pair of Aiwa speakers I jerry rigged as 'monitors.' (I know, don't laugh)


How did you get involved with DJing:  One day after school, I went over to a friends house who had tables. After getting on them for the first time, I was hooked. Now, here I am...


Feelings from the crowd:  There is nothing better than doing a live performance. When I play in front of a crowd, I get a rush. The vibe is great, the people are crazy and it's unreal to be in the center of it all.


What you like people to get from music: When I spin, I want to take people on a journey. I want them to actually feel the music and get into it. I love playing pretty trance and throwing in some sick ass breaks to keep the mood hype.


When your not spinning: I pretty much am studying constantly trying to finish up my undergrad at AASU in Savannah. When I'm not studying and spinning, I'm either surfing the net or talking on the phone constantly.


Who/what inspires you:  My sister and the people who support me are my biggest inspiration.


Feelings on fans in Atlanta:  The people in Atlanta are great. They are very supportive and they know how to have a good time. I feel nothing but love when I come here.


What music do you listen to at home:  When I'm in my car, I listen to promo CDs from friends who are also DJ's. When I'm at home, I listen to a local radio station that plays hip hop.


Dream gigs: Spinning in Ibiza with Nick Warren and playing at the Music Conference in Miami.


Upcoming Events: Nov. 17th - Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Club Nitetown spinning with Baby Anne, Majic Mike, & Doc Roc

Nov. 30th - Savannah, GA, The Zoo

*Nov. 29th and Dec. 14th - 2 different events that are still in the works right now. Both happening somewhere in Atlanta.


CD: Global Underground 008, Nick Warren in Brazil


Movie: I really don't have a favorite movie, but my favorite TV show is definitely Sex and The City.


Club:  The Groove, Orlando












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 :: Performances ::

Essential Elements
March 1, 2002
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Dak Side of the Boom
November 17, 2001
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