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Real Name:  Rolando Calip Jr.
DJ Name: Rolando
Age: 25
Location:  New York City, NY
Type of Music:  Late 80's, early 90's Hip-Hop, mixed with rock, classical, whatever.
Spinning Since: 1996
Affiliations: FOCI records (NYC) and 3 DOT (ATL)


What influences you most: everyday life.


DJ Equipment:  (2) tech 12s, (1) vestax 07, (1) pioneer cdj 700, (1000) choice records


How did you get involved with DJing:  i was a nerd in high school. it wasn't pretty, really. then i started playing records. bam! now i'm less dorky.

When your not spinning: walking the streets of nyc, record shopping.


Who/what inspires you:  honest people.


Feelings on fans:  friendly.


What music do you listen to at home:  none-- white noise. a hepa air filter set on "1".


Dream gigs: no dream gigs, just dream crowds. nice people receptive to the
sounds i put out.


Upcoming Events:

spots in NYC and London

Tuesdays @ Spa
76 East 13th Street, New York, NY

Wednesdays @ Rialto
265 Elizabeth St. New York, NY

Thursdays @ River Town Lounge
187 Orchard, New York, NY

Friday & Saturday @ Pressure
110 university, New York, NY


CD: none.


Movie: E.T.


City: Flint


Club:  Metropolis. Flint, Mi.




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