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 :: He always has a smile and puts a smile on those in the club! ::

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Real Name:  Nathaniel Friend - Nate
DJ Name: Smiles
Location:  Atlanta, GA
Type of Music:  Hip-Hop & DanceHall / but don't sleep  i'm a house head
from day one!!!!
Spinning Since: 1998
Affiliations: 3 DOT (Atlanta, GA), BASIC Family (Philly, PA)
What influences you most: Seeing people dancing and having smiles on there
faces haveing a good time.....


DJ Equipment:  Nuttin but da best.....1200's with da M44g's.(thanks for da 
hook up MADFLIP) RANE TTM54 and now....
rocking on a VESTAX o7pro


How did you get involved with DJing: da movie JUICE...When i seen that movie for da 1st time i was like damn i want to DJ...then i guess a couple
years later i went to this house party and seen these 2 dj's (dj chace and Rick Smith from back home in P.A.) Mixing in front a my face n from then on i was str8 hooked...but its all because of that movie JUICE
Feelings from the crowd: smiles, smiles. smiles. smiles and more smiles
if i keep them smiling then i'm happy!!!
When your not spinning: i'm str8 chillin...out buying new records...but mostly working..hahaha


Feelings on fans:  They are cool....they been showing me love since day 1...n all da people i promise a CD its coming......


What music do you listen to at home:  everthing from "less then jake" & NOFX to da new Clipse album "lord willin"


Dream gigs: Spinning at da PLAYBOY @ crib!!!


Upcoming Events:

Resident DJ for Utopia Saturdays at Club 708 Atlanta, GA

spots in Philly and Florida


CD: Sublime   40oz to freedom


Movie: JUICE, KIDS, and willy wonka and the chocolate factory...
Club:  FEVER and Maritn's in Baltimore my basic borther's Xspek n Pherensik know what i'm talking about.....haha
Shout out's: bigs shouts out to all my brother in BASIC...yo Pherensik its about time to blow up lets make it happen...holla...big thanks for 3dot giving me my 1st gig in atlanta, and a year later  i'm apart of 3dot..thats what i'm talkin about!!, whats up to all my peeps from up top in mass (TE) to down south in o-town g-man n thailo n pele on da left koast ...last but not least my pooper




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